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Disney On Ice: Reach For The Stars Review


Disney has once again transformed the ice and has brought magic into the attendee’s hearts both young and old as it presented “Reach For The Stars.’ In a world where feelings are exclaimed in catchy musical numbers and love is always brought home you cannot help but feel happiness in your heart.

Speaking of happiness, the new Little Caesars Arena is happily hosting this magical event. The brand new arena has been in the making for three years and just opened this past September. It is now home to Detroit Pistons and Detroit Redwings. It can hold up to 21,000 fans and has seating that was built underground and a bowl like setup. In our section specifically, there were bathrooms set aside for our sections only. Instead of getting crowds that are meeting friends or are walking around the bathrooms are made available to your section ticket holders only. From there we were able to walk up to street level and get food, snacks, and souvenirs.  The bathrooms are state of the art and even include flat screen televisions. Restaurants are also in the arena including Kid Rocks ‘Made In Detroit.’ It is incredible and by the far the best arena I have been to.


Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy opened the show and introduced the stories of The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, and Frozen.


Ariel sings about her love for land and her longing to be a human. Ursula makes her wish come true but only if she finds true love. Just in time she finds her Prince and of course lives happily ever after.


Next up was Tangled. It was Rapunzel’s birthday and she was determined to leave the tower and see the outside world against her mothers wishes. She runs into a thief named Flynn and holds his satchel hostage in order for him to take her to the village. They set out on an adventure full of highs and lows but ultimately the princess finds her way back home, her throne.


I haven’t seen Beauty & the Beast on ice since I was a little girl. It was amazing to see it as an adult. Belle goes looking for her father but stumbles upon the mansion. The mansion is home to the Beast and both him and his staff are under a spell. Despite Belle being held captive by the Beast she befriends and falls in love with him. In the meantime, Gaston sets out to marry Belle once and for all and kill the beast. A battle ensues but the Beast and his staff are saved by true love. They turn back into human form and all live happily ever after.


They say to save the best for last and that they did. The biggest hit of the night was Disney’s ‘Frozen’. Catchy songs, real snow, and the love of two sisters took over the ice. It was amazing to hear thousands of children sing ‘Let It Go.’ Such an incredible moment that I was happy for my family and I to be part of.

Disney On Ice will be playing all this weekend at the Little Caesars Arena. Various times and ticket prices can be found here:

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