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Family Fall Fest (Troy)



The Festival took place at Troy Farm (3325 South Boulevard, Troy Michigan). It was hosted by both Stage Nature Center and Troy Parks and Recreation. We cannot pick our weather, weather chooses us. On this day the weather chose just right! With sunny skies and perfect temps we set off on an adventure.

Upon entering parking was guided, easy, and close. After unpacking the zoo, I mean my SUV we headed to the registration tent. Registration flowed just as easily. Parents were not charged and children were $5. If there were a family of four or more a limit of $20 per family was enforced which is GREAT! I am a family of four and when you are a family of four or more things begin to add up quickly. I am thankful they didnt charge adults and they had a cap on cost of admission per family.

From there we stopped at the petting zoo. Instead of most petting Zoo’s where its less pet and more buy feed to stand outside the cage; entry was monitored. The kids had ample time with the animals. They were able to not only pet but actually brush them. On our way to the face painting we experienced the bubble machine. I’ve yet to encounter a child who hates bubbles. The face painters were friendly, creative, and fun. There were two tents: one with Tim Hortons Donuts/Cider and another with a full lineup of Fall Arts & Crafts. Further down there were hayrides, inflatables, and take home pumpkins.


It was a great afternoon and a great way to make memories with the little ones. I highly suggest this event next year if held again.

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