Rainforest Cafe ~ Auburn Hills

What do most 31 year olds do for their birthday? Steak, shrimp, and cocktails I imagine. I also imagine they probably don’t have kids. When my husband asked where I wanted to go I am not going to lie it was a toss up between Applebees and Rainforest Café. I have tried to go to trendy new restaurants with the kids and it was a complete disaster. Music so loud I couldn’t hear my children. Sounds great right? Our children have selective hearing so having to SCREAM sit down, or you’re not going to get the $18 special Pineapple Exotic Drink because well its just Pineapple juice is absolutely exhausting. I rather go to Applebees where theres smart tablets for the children, I can hear the thoughts in my head, and yes even hear my kids. There is one exception to Applebees and I didn’t have it in Ohio. It is the Rainforest Café! We went when in Disney and it was worth every penny.

It seemed like a no brainer that ‘The Rainforest Café’ was the place to be to celebrate my birthday. It’s a great place for adults, children, and families alike. Happy kids equals happy life am I right? When we moved from Ohio I was ECSTATIC to learn that Auburn Hills is the home of a Rainforest Café. They may not have a man-made active volcano like Disney Springs but they’re surrounded by 185 outlet stores including an outlet Disney Store. Great Lakes Crossing is also home to Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium.


Outside the mall is Legolands GIANT giraffe made entirely of legos. Great photo op and the children are amazed.


The Great Lakes Mall is so much more than a mall. In addition to the 185 outlet stores, Legoland Discovery Center, and Sea Life there is a large play area in the food court as well as a Carousel.



I was able to make same day reservations and when we arrived there was no wait. The restaurant has a gift shop, waterfalls, and electronic animals such as elephants, gorillas, and birds. There is a wishing fountain and a starry sky above. The sky even produces a thunderstorm complete with rain. The menu, restaurant, and bar are all jungle themed. Prices are reasonable and food portions are somewhat generous. I ordered the free birthday cupcake however if you are wanting to make the most of your Birthday experience you must try the Birthday Volcano which is a dessert that features a sparkler on top in addition to staff singing ‘A Very Happy Birthday’ jungle style. You can spend a lot of money here but you can also visit as a family of four for a reasonable price. Think $40-$50. However if you want the light up cup, appetizers, and tropical drinks (including alcohol) like anywhere you’re going to pay for it. If we could go to the Rainforest cafe nightly we would. It is a great place for families and a top pick for children.



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